janie rainy and the story competition

      Hello,my name is Janie Rainy. And if you’ve never been in a story competition,you don’t know how much pressure is put on you! At first I didn’t know what to write,so I started writing about my life. And here right in your own bare hands is my first ever published story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I like bubble gum!!! ”Janie,time to get up! First day of school!”,said my mom.”Okay mom”,I said.I tried to look as excited as her.She got a new job,and she’s been blabbering about it for the whole week,but she wouldn’t tell me what it was until today.Probably some boring job that grownups get excited about.Still,I wanted to know what the secret about her job was all about. I got up and stretched.I looked through my drawer for a cool outfit for my first day of school.I looked through my shirt drawer, sock drawer,and even my underwear drawer! I couldn’t find any cool outfits to wear,I have my rockstar shirt,but the only problem is, it shrinked in the dryer.Well,drastic times call for drastic measures.I went down to the laundry room,and looked everywhere but failed! The only place I haven’t looked was behind the dryer. But I had a strong fear of mice,and behind the dryer was ”the mouse night club” as my mother says,and only dared to stick my hand in between the dreaded ”mouse night club”. But like I said: drastic times comes for drastic measures.I reached my hand in,and quickly took my shirt out.I must be the only person in the whole family that survived the ”mouse nightclub”! I felt braver than before, I felt like I had to shout:”HELLO WORLD,I’M A NEW ME”.I felt like I could face anything,but that moment didn’t last long.”Jamie I’ve been looking for you everywhere.Come on,sweet pea.Get dressed”,said my mom.I got dressed and tried to pull down my shrunken shirt.It finally stayed and I settled down to eat my oatmeal.I dawdled with my oatmeal poking a hole through it,letting the milk seep through.”Janie,don’t dawdle”.Quickly looking at her watch,transformed her into a monster mommy! ”Janie,hurry up,I’m going to be late for my new job at the chocolate factory!!!.” ”Okkayy,I said,annoyed.Then I muttered: take a breath,Miss Know-it-all”. ”What did you say young lady?” Nothing.”But in my mind I said: ” I said: Take a breath, Miss Know-it-all.” Finally, I finished,or that’s what she thought happened.Want to know my secret:I thew my oatmeal in the garbage.It was so repulsive.I got in the car and got ready to go to school.Believe me,I’m as excited as getting kicked from a bull.In my old school,everyone got used to me so fast because I didn’t tell them my last name,as soon as people found out,I was a laughing stock for months.Even the teachers joined in on the fun.Then my mom got a new job and we moved here.

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Janie was a behaved little girl.She wasn’t the kind that would misbehave.But one day she was walking to the park humming a tune until she fell down a hole and got her dress dirty.”Oh my” she said,”my best dress”.She managed to get out of the hole and started to walk home.Then she heard a noise.”Aachoo”said the voice.She turned around and saw a baby kitten lying on the ground wrapped in a blanket.”Meow” said the kitten.”You’re so cute” said Janie.”I’m glad you think so” said the kitten.”You can talk?”asked Janie amazed.”Yes,only girls that are well-behaved and doesn’t have any friends can hear what I say” said the kitten.”Who left you here?”asked Janie.”I don’t know but I heard the man and woman say Brodchester and then they left me here” said the kitten.”Oh,Mrs. and Mr. Brodchester left to the jungle for an expedition said Janie.”I’ll ask my mom why they left you” said Janie.”Okay” said the kitten.Janie asked her mother why.Her mother said ”They couldn’t afford to feed her, but the kitten can stay at our house for now”.When Janie told the kitten the good news,she yelled ”YAY”. The next day Janie woke up the kitten and said ”I’m going to the jungle with you,so we can find those Brodchester’s.Janie packed a backpack with lots of stuff they needed for the jungle.She packed a bottle of sunscreen,mosquito net hats,bugs spray,swords (for cutting any moss or leaves in the way),a camaflogue suit + a camaflogue hat,a blanket for the kitty,and the kitty.They set out for the jungle.They started to walk for five minutes until the kitten said she was tired and wanted to rest in her backpack.The kitten snuggled up in her blanket and fell asleep.She fell asleep for five minutes until Janie woke her up to tell her they were being invaded by gigantic tarantulas.kitty screamed and sprayed the bug spray on the tarantulas.The tarantulas screamed and ran away.Kitty said she’d better stay in Janie’s backpack just incase they needed more equitment.They put on their camaflogue suits and ran through the swarm of mosquitos they saw. CONTINUED……

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today is June27,2013.THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL IS DONE.3 MORE MONTHS UNTIL I’M IN GRADE 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and 12 months and 11 days until i’m 11 years old.

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Here is some secret codes

Here is one secret code.
You spell somthing backwards.
I will write a secret code and you decode it and tell me what it says.

olleh,I ma tsomla 01 sraey dlo!
I dluow evol ot eb a pys.
Ym etiruovaf sroloc era laet eulb dna toh knip!I evol ot pmuj epor!I saw ni a pmuj epor rasiardnuf!Ti saw gnirit.Llew EYB ROF WON.S.P.I now htiw ym dneirf JINAN.

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here is a new chapter book by judy blume [ tales of a fourth grade nothing ]

I won Dribble at Jimmy Fargo’s birthday party.All the other guys got to take home goldfish in little plastic bags. I won him because I guessed there were three hundred and forty-eight jellybeans in Mrs.Fargo’s jar. Really there were four-hundred and twenty three,she told us later. Still,my guess was the closest.”Peter Warren Hatcher is the big winner!”Mrs. Fargo announced.At first I felt bad that I didn’t get a goldfish too.Then Jimmy handed me a glass bowl.Inside there was some water and three rocks.A tiny green turtle was sleeping on thed biggest rock.All the other guys looked at their goldfish.I knew what they were thinking.The wished they could have tiny green turtles too.I named my turtle Dribble while I was walking home from Jimmy’s party.I live at 25 West 68th Street.It’s an old apartment building.But it’s got one of the best elevators in New York City.There are mirrors everywhere.You can see yourself from every angle. There’s a soft,cushioned bench to sit on if you are to tired to stand. The elevator operator’s name is Henry Bevelheimer.He lets us call him Henry because Bevelheimer is very hard to say.Our apartment is on the twelfth floor.But I dont have to tell Henry.He already knows.He knows everybody in the building.He’s that smart!He even knows I am nine and in forth grade.I showed him Dribble right away.”I won him at a birthday party” I explained.Henry smiled. ”Your mother is going to be surprised”.Henry was right. My mother was surprised.Henry was right.My mother was really surprised.Her mouth opened when I said,”Just look at what I won at Jimmy Fargo’s birthday party”.I held up my tiny green turtle.”I already named him…Dribble!Isn’t that a great name for a turtle”? My mother made a face. ” I don’t like the way he smells”she said.”What do you mean?”I asked.I put my nose right down close to him.I didn’t smell anything but turtle.so Dribble smells like turtle, I thought.Well,he’s supposed to smell like turtle.Thats what he is!”and I am not going to take care of him either”,My mother added.” of course you are not”,I told her.”He is my turtle.and I’m going to take care of him”.”Your going to change his water and; clean out his bowl and feed him and all of that”? she asked.”Yes,”I said.”and even more. I am going to see to it that he is happy”!This time my mother made a funny noise.Like a groan.I went into my bedroom.I put Dribble on top of my dresser.I tried to pet him and tell him he would be happy .living with me.But it is not easy to pet a turtle.They are not soft or cuddly and they do not lick you or anything.Still,I had my very own pet.Later,when I sat down on the dinner table,my mother said”I smell turtle.Peter go and scrub your hands”!Some people might think my mother is my biggest problem.She does NOT like turtles and she is always telling me to scrub my hands.That does not mean to run them under the water.SCRUB means I’m supposed to use soap and water and rub my hands together.But my mother is’nt my biggest problem.Neither is my father.He spends alot of time watching commercials on T.V. That’s because he is in the advertising business.These days his favourite commercial is about Juicy-O.He wrote it himself.And the president of Juicy-O liked it so much, he sent the whole family a crate of Juicy-O for our family to drink.It tastes like a combination of oranges,pineapples,grapefruits,pears, and banana.[and if you want to know the truth,I am getting pretty sick of it].But Juicy-O is my biggest problem either.My biggest problem is my brother Farley Drexel Hatcher.He’s two and a half years old.Everybody calls him FUDGE.I feel sorry for him if he’s going to grow up with a name like FUDGE.But I don’t say a word. It’s none of my business.Fudge is always in my way.He messes up everything he sees.And when he gets mad, he throws himself flat on the floor and he screams.AND he kicks.AND he bangs his fists down on the ground.The only time I really like him is when he’s sleeping.He sucks his four fingers and makes a slurping sound.When Fudge saw Dribble he said,”ohhhh….see”!And I said ”Thats my turtle,get it?MINE!You Don’t touch him”.Fudge said,”no touch”.Then he laughed like crazy.One night my father came back from home from the office all excited.He told us Mr. and Mrs.Yarby were coming to New York.He’s the president of the JUICY-O company.He lives in Chicago.I wondered if he’d bring another crate of JUICY-O.If he did I’d probably be drinking for the rest of my life.Just thinking about it was enough to make my stomach hurt.My Father said he invited them to stay with us.

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more about me

I am now 10 years old , my mom is 32, my dad is 42, my sister is now 8, my other sister is now 2, my brother is 4.

I love listening to songs. I will show you them at the end of the post.I am very sneaky.I love lychees,watermelon, nectarines,plums,mango, berries………. blah blah blah. If I keep going on it will be the end of the world, Let’s just say I like every fruit except papaya. [ it tastes like rotten watermelon]. fact : if a vegetable has seeds it is called a fruit, like a cucumber is a fruit because it has seeds.

I really want to be THREE things when I grow up : 1: A MAKE-UP ARTIST , A CLOTHES FASHION DESIGNER [with my sister,me, my friend JINAN,my friend NIDA,JINAN’S sister HANA,& MAYBE NIDA’S SISTER SADIA]! & a baker. I live in LASSALE,ONTARIO.



BUT THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ME IS : my favourite singer is maher zain! here are some of his songs , and my favourite ones.

& finally the songs [only the best ones]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riB0KojcLEQ , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn_3dE97U30, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q34FPufJqV8, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEx_iNY2gv8, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc6F_73UNNQhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWO7C3f-frkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YFD7HFxZFhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BScguDkZhVo. bye.

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princess of fire

by pedro pablo sacristan……..

There was once and incredibly rich, beautiful, and wise Princess. Tired of false suitors who were only interested in her money, she announced that she would only marry whoever managed to present her with the most valuable, tender, and sincere gift of all. The palace filled up with flowers and gifts of every kind, letters describing undying love, and love-struck poems. Among all these wonderful gifts, she found a pebble, a simple dirty pebble. Intrigued, she demanded to see whoever it was who had offered this gift. Despite her curiosity, she pretended to be highly offended by the gift when the young man was brought before her. He explained it to her like this, “Dear Princess, this pebble represents the most valuable thing one can give – it is my heart. It is also sincere, because it is not yet yours, and it is as hard as a stone. Only when it fills with love will it soften and be more tender than any other.”

The young man quietly left, leaving the Princess surprised and captivated. She fell so in love that she took the little pebble with her wherever she went, and for months she regaled the young man with gifts and attention. But his heart remained as hard as the stone in her hands. Losing hope, she ended up throwing the pebble into a fire. In the heat of the fire, the sand crumbled from around it, and from out of that rough stone a beautiful golden figure emerged. With this, the Princess understood that she herself would have to be like the fire, and go about separating what is useless from what is truly important.

During the following months she set about changing the kingdom, and devoted her life, her wisdom, and her riches to separating what is truly valuable from what is unimportant. She gave up the luxury, the jewels, the excess; and it meant that everyone in the kingdom now had food to eat and books to read. So many people came away from their interaction with the Princess enchanted by her character and her charisma. Her mere presence transmitted such human warmth that they started to call her ‘The Princess of Fire’.

And as with the pebble, the fire of her presence melted the hardness of the young man’s heart. And just as he had promised, he became so tender and considerate that he made the Princess happy till the end of her days.

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The Angry Brothers

by pedro pablo sacristan…….

Once there were two brothers who were great friends and always played together. However, one day they had a huge argument about one of their toys. In the end, they decided that from then on they would only be allowed to play with their own individual toys.

They had so many toys and things that they agreed to spend the next day sorting out which toy belonged to whom. So the next day each brother got to work, making a pile of his own things. When they had finished doing the big toys it was time to sort the little stuff. However, they had already taken so long that it was time for bed, so they left the small toys for the next day. The same thing happened the next day, because they had started dividing up parts of the house.

Day after day it was the same story. They were spending their whole time deciding what, among all kinds of things, belonged to either one of them. Anything would set them off: seeing an animal, a tree, or even a stone.  In the end, they had accumulated two complete mountains of stuff which had to be kept out in front of the house.

As the years passed, nothing changed: every morning they would meet up to argue about which things belonged to whom. They were getting older, and everyone now knew them as “the grumpy old men”. No one had ever seen them smile.

That was, until one morning they went out and found that their two mountains of stuff had been totally mixed up together. Someone had been there, mixing their things up! After all that time and effort they had spent to separate everything!

Furious, the brothers tried to find who had done it. Soon they found a pair of children playing on the other side of the mountains of stuff. They were happily playing together, picking everything up, careless of whether they were mixing it all together. They looked really happy, enjoying themselves to the max.

Seeing the children so happy, the two grumpy old brothers realised how foolish they had been for so many years. They had given up playing with anything, instead spending their whole lives arguing over what was theirs to play with. How sad they felt, for spending their lives in anger. At the same time, though, they were happy to have finally realised their foolishness.

They spent that day, and the rest of their days, playing together with those two children, mixing everything up, and sharing it all. People even stopped calling them the grumpy old men. Now people called them the ‘Big Kids’.http://freestoriesforkids.com/children/stories-and-tales/angry-brothers

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